Our Story - From "RollaMat" to "BootyMat"

This is Barbara, the inventor of RollaMat (later named BootyMat), demonstrating just how easy it is roll away your cellulite and get into shape with these simple movements.

The idea behind BootyMat was borne from the personal need of its inventor, Barbara Bullock.

Like so many women, Barbara found the area around her hips, thighs and buttocks the most difficult to get in shape. This was despite all her best diet and exercise habits. Direct stimulation to these stubborn cellulite areas seemed the only answer. However, spa treatments were expensive, while home cellulite products were tedious.

While in France, Barbara came across a popular floor routine that had been used by the locals for many years. They would simply sit on the floor, then roll from side to side and/or walk forwards and backwards on their behinds. Barbara used this technique for many years and noticed incredible results. Her previously troublesome cellulite areas dramatically improved in appearance!

Barbara decided that these easy and fun movements would prove even more effective if performed on a tailor-made mat. This mat would comprise a raised and ‘bumpy’ textured surface, directly aimed at increasing stimulation and pressure to the cellulite prone zones. 

A quantity of these mats were designed and manufactured and sold in South Africa as “RollaMat”. They proved an instant hit with many grateful women, who continue to use the Mat and reap its benefits in their fight against cellulite. After years of personal feedback and research, the product and exercise routines have been redesigned and relaunched as BootyMat.

OUR MISSION: To help women fight cellulite in an effective, easy, affordable and ongoing manner.

BootyMat is truly addictive! Once you start rocking and rolling and seeing results, it will become like brushing your teeth!

BootyMat has also been featured in the United States, see the Infomercial below.

The Booty Secrets Infomercial (USA)

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