How To Use BootyMat

BootyMat is fun and easy to use. Start with the basic movements, and then develop your technique as you improve your fitness and your shape. You get to decide on the movements that will benefit you most, and you set the mood.

‘Roll’ while you watch TV or anywhere in the comfort of your own home. If you go to the gym, take it there for your floor exercises. Let BootyMat fit in with your own lifestyle and enjoy it part as part of your daily ‘rock and roll’ routine. Two minutes, ten minutes or twenty minutes… you decide.

BootyMat Top Tips

The Booty Buster

This is the most versatile exercise on the BootyMat. The movements will become quite natural with practice.

Sit in a comfortable upright position on the BootyMat with your legs extended forward straight or slightly bent, then rest on your hands to support your body. Gently begin rolling from side to side. Raise your hands off the floor and cross your arms in front of you to add further tension to your abs.

Stimulate and boost circulation on the upper areas of your thighs and buttocks by leaning further back on your elbows or lying on your back, while rolling from side to side.

The Booty Walk

Sit on the BootyMat, with your arms placed alongside your body for support or crossed in front of you to shoulder level if preferred. Walk slowly backwards and forwards on your buttocks.

This movement is excellent for your thighs, lower buttocks and abs; particularly if your arms are raised off the floor.

The Butterfly

Sit on the BootyMat with your legs in a butterfly position and feet together or overlapping; hands alongside or under your knees, whichever feels more comfortable. 

Rock and roll from side to side, cross your arms in front of you to add further tension to your abs.

The Air Walk

Lean back with your legs raised to a level height or resting on the floor in front of you. Keep your knees and feet together extending forwards and draw back your feet while rolling from side to side.

Lift your legs and feet in the air to increase intensity.

The Booty Burner

Sit or lie back on the BootyMat, while supporting your body on your hands, elbows and/or outstretched arms. Lean back, bend your knees, lift your legs and keep them together while rolling from side to side.

To add variety, extend your legs backwards and forwards, rotate and/or swivel as you roll. This movement will focus on the hip region and work the abs if you roll so far that your knees almost touch the floor.

The Hip and Thigh Cruncher

Lie on your side on the BootyMat, supporting your body with one arm. With your legs straight or bent, gently push backwards and forwards.

Keeping your shoulders and hips aligned, push down hard to maximise penetration of the massage nodes and to increase stimulation.

Include rolling movements and lift your legs and feet in the air, spending time on each thigh.

The Scissors

Lie on your side on the BootyMat, with your legs straight and raised off the floor. Support your body with your arms, and then make gentle scissors movements with your legs, backwards and forwards.

Include circular and rolling movements to add variety and increase circulation.

The BootyMat Wedge Demo

Combine all of the above movements into your floor workout, going from one to the next whenever you feel like it.

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